USA Tour Schedule

USA Tour Schedule

USA Tour Schedule

USA Tour Schedule 720 461 MSP Admin

USA Tour Dates:

18/08/2012 Lowell, Massachusetts
24/08/2012 Long Beach, California
25/08/2012 Seattle, Washington
31/08/2012 Falls Church, Virginia
01/09/2012 TBA, Connecticut
02/09/2012 Providence, Rhode Island
07/09/2012 Charlotte North, Carolina
08/09/2012 Chicago, Illinois
15/09/2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
21/09/2012 San Diego, California
22/09/2012 Lowell, Massachusetts
28/09/2012 San Jose, California
29/09/2012 Stockton, California
02/10/2012 Las Vegas, Nevada
05/10/2012 Seattle, Washington
06/10/2012 Houston, Texas
07/10/2012 Dallas, Texas
12/10/2012 Long beach, California
13/10/2012 Wichita, Kansas
19/10/2012 Richmond, Virgina
20/10/2012 Oakland, Califronia
26/10/2012 Modesto, California
27/10/2012 TBA, Minnesota
02/11/2012 Providence, Rhode Island
03/11/2012 Lowell, Massachusetts

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