Justeen Magazine


"Justeen is a brilliant magazine designed especially for teenagers (genuine or imaginary).

Justeen Magazine focuses on different aspects of a teenager’s emergence; from looking good to real-life stories, fashion, beauty, quizzes, problem pages, jokes, reviews, horoscope, pop culture, and social matters. Packed with thought-provoking, positive solutions on real-life topics, this is a young person’s companion that addresses issues young people care about.

Justeen Magazine offers tips and information for teens with a passion for social issues, technology, sports, entertainment and careers.

Justeen Magazine offers advice about friends, family, school, self-esteem and deals frankly with sexuality, emotions, body development and also tips to enhance one’s social image.

Justeen Magazine covers Teen Entertainment & Life Skills including Multimedia Network providing valuable information on money, career, entrepreneurship, health and success as well."-Justeen Magazine