Welcome to the Meas Soksophea Heart Foundation. This organization is based on the principle of helping those in disadvantaged positions in society. This foundation aims to help Cambodians and Khmers in need.


The Meas Soksophea Foundation's mission is to:

  • Help raise awareness of issues affecting those in need from all sectors of society
  • To raise awareness and contribute to natural disasters in Cambodia
  • To offer opportunities and education to young women/men regarding career options and opportunities to better themselves
  • To encourage and educate youth on environmental issues

Company Overview

The Meas Soksophea Heart Foundation is founded on the principles of furthering the advancement and Cambodian/Khmer people to equal opportunities. 

Recent Project

09/14/2012 update on Meas soksophea's Heart Foundation donates to Charity organization that specialize in foster kids and training for career opportunities/ការចែកអំណោយរបស់មាស​ សុខសោភា



2011 Prey Veng Flood victims project